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Diversify with investments linked to the sports industry.
Total Dividends Paid - 07/31/2015
Past dividend payments are not indicative of future dividends
Total Athlete Brand Income Collected - 06/30/2015
Invest in an asset category that is systemically uncorrelated to a typical portfolio.
Fantex, Inc. Securities
Risks and Growth Drivers
  • Athletic performance
  • Salary cap
  • Career length
Traditional Investments
Risks and Growth Drivers
  • Interest rates
  • GDP
  • Geopolitical conditions
Build a portfolio of athlete tracking stocks by investing in the brand income from athletes in different career stages.
From young professionals to seasoned finance experts, investors are choosing Fantex to help diversify their portfolios.

Austin, TX

New York, NY

Boulder, CO

Managing Director
Chicago, IL

Los Angeles, CA
“I love the concept as an athlete and an investor.”
Jack Nicklaus
Winner of 18 Majors
Fantex Investor
“Fantex is changing what it means to follow sports.”
John Elway
2-Time Superbowl Champion
Board Member - Fantex Holdings, Inc.
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