FANTEX Vernon Davis

FANTEX Vernon Davis

NFL · TE, San Francisco 49ers

Age 31 (1/31/1984)
Years Pro 9 Year s
College Maryland
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Brand Contract (Information updated as of October 6, 2014)

Fantex, Inc. has acquired 10% interest in Vernon Davis’s brand income as defined in the contract with Fantex, Inc.

Current Contracts

The information below is a summary of currently effective contracts of Vernon Davis that are included in his brand income as defined in the contract between Vernon Davis and Fantex, Inc.

Levi's Endorsement Clothing
San Francisco Forty Niners, Limited Player Contract NFL
Krave Pure Foods, Inc. Endorsement Food
Hungry Fisk Media, LLC (d/b/a NutraClick) Endorsement Nutrition

Prior Contracts

The information below is a summary of prior contracts of Vernon Davis that were included in his brand income as defined in the contract between Vernon Davis and Fantex, Inc.

Disney Worldwide ABC Appearences Media
US Olympic Committee TV Appearences Media
TI Live Events (Time Inc.) Column in Media
Entertainment Partners Actor in "The League" Entertainment

Brand Income Definition for Vernon Davis

Brand Income as defined in the brand contract between Fantex, Inc. and Vernon Davis is the gross monies or other consideration (including rights to make investments) that Vernon Davis receives from and after October 30, 2013, subject to specified exceptions and net of certain related expenses (such as legal fees, travel expenses and self-employment taxes), as a result of his activities in the sport of football (including NFL and non-NFL activities), including salaries and wages from his employment as a professional athlete and the license or assignment of rights in his persona, including use of his name, voice, likeness, image, signature, talents, live or taped performances, in connection with motion pictures, television and Internet programming, radio, music, literary, talent engagements, personal appearances, public appearances, records and recording, or publications; any use of his persona for purposes of advertising, merchandising, or trade, including sponsorships, endorsements and appearances, and any other license or assignment of rights in his persona, to generate income; and any other personal services performed by Vernon Davis which are of the type typically performed by individuals in the field of football because of their status as a professional athlete or other professional within the field of football (including, without limitation, sports casting, coaching, participating in sports camps, acting as spokesperson).

Income that is excluded from brand income, consists of:

  • Any cash receipts resulting from his investments in stocks or other equity, bonds, commodities, derivatives, debt, franchises or real estate, so long as such stocks or other equity, bonds, commodities, derivatives, debt investments, franchises and real estate are not received by him as compensation for activities (including licensing of rights) in the ‘‘field’’ as defined in his brand contract,
  • Any income received from employment, services rendered or other activities not related to professional football and related fields,
  • Any reasonable reimbursement of incidental expenses actually incurred by Vernon Davis, including without limitation, travel, lodging, per diem and other incidental expenses, or the value of any such items paid by a third party on his behalf,
  • Any income of: (1) the Vernon Davis Foundation or (2) any other charitable foundation or organization as a result of personal services performed by Vernon Davis,
  • Any proceeds of the insurance policy purchased by Vernon Davis against the risk of injury or disability,
  • Certain future pension and benefit payments under the CBA, except that income deferred pursuant to Article 26, Section 6 of such CBA shall not be deemed to be future pension payments and as such, shall be included in brand income;
  • Merchandise, services or service plans or merchandise, service or service plan credit up to the lesser of $40,000 and 4% of all brand income during any applicable calendar year and as otherwise agreed by Fantex in its discretion; and
  • The following specifically excluded income:
    • Income derived from his performance as a painter, sculptor or artist in any other fine or graphic arts medium, related of Gallery 85 or any other art gallery owned by him or from any school for the arts established in part by him, whether charitable or for profit, regardless of whether he participates or his persona is used to market or promote such school);
    • Any and all cash or other consideration, in any form whatsoever, received by Vernon Davis from the following entities (or their affiliates as agreed as of October 30, 2013): (1) Ike Shehadeh and Ike’s Love & Sandwiches Franchising LLC and (2) Jamba Juice Company.