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The exclusive brokerage for stock linked to a pro athlete brand*

Fantex is the only real-money trading platform and brokerage where you can trade shares linked to the value and performance of an athlete brand.

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Is this real money, real stock?

Fantex is a real-money marketplace, and the exclusive brokerage for a Fantex, Inc. security.


What's in it for me?

Potential investors can invest in a stock linked to earnings of a professional athlete brand who they know and follow already.


What's in it for the athlete?

The athlete gets cash upfront for selling a piece of their future brand income. The athlete also has the opportunity to work with the Fantex, Inc. team to grow his brand awareness, increase his brand’s longevity, and potentially generate more lifetime brand income.


Do I have to buy shares if I open an account?

Currently, there are no minimum deposits required to open an account.


Are there dividends?

The Fantex, Inc. board of directors is permitted, but not required, to declare and pay dividends on a Fantex tracking stock in accordance with Delaware General Coporation Law.


What are the risks?

As with most investments, there are certain risks associated with investing in tracking stock linked to an athlete’s brand. An investment in Fantex, Inc. is highly speculative and should only be considered by persons who can afford the loss of their entire investment. Please review the prospectus for a detailed description of the risks involved with investing in a Fantex, Inc. tracking stock. The Fantex, Inc. risk factors can be viewed here.


What happens if an athlete is injured or retires?

An athlete’s brand income would be negatively impacted if they are injured or retire prematurely. But even if an athlete gets injured or retires, they could continue to earn other brand income (such as endorsements, business ventures, or broadcasting), and the same portion of any of this brand income would still be payable to Fantex, Inc. based on the brand contract.


How is an athlete's brand valued?

Fantex, Inc. looks at many factors in valuing a brand initially, including the sport, the playing position of the athlete, and how the athlete compares to his peers, and then estimates the length of his playing career. Fantex, Inc. also looks at the earnings of an athlete's brand, including current and future playing contracts, endorsements, appearance fees as well as post-career income potential from contractually-specified activities, which may include things like broadcasting. For a detailed description of how a brand is valued see the prospectus.

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Trading on Fantex

When a stock opens on the Fantex platform, it is now available to trade by all eligible accounts.

If you didn’t invest in the IPO, you have the opportunity to trade in a Fantex, Inc. tracking stock linked to the earnings of specific athlete brands.

Here’s what happens after the IPO:



Trading Begins

Once the IPO closes and shares are allocated, open market trading begins on the Fantex platform.



Regular Reporting

Fantex, Inc. files quarterly, annual, and other periodic updates with the SEC.



Brand Income

When the athlete gets paid, a portion of the brand income is paid to Fantex, Inc.



Potential Dividends

Fantex, Inc. intends, but is not required, to declare and pay out cash dividends to stockholders.

**Timeline footnote: This timeline is also forward-looking and is subject to a number of risks, uncertainties and assumptions that may cause actual events to differ materially. Before you invest, you should read the prospectus for any IPO for complete information about Fantex and the offering, and for a description of such risks, uncertainties and assumptions. No shares may be sold prior to the time the registration statement for an IPO becomes effective.

Interested in investing in an IPO on Fantex? Please call us at (855) 905-5050 to learn more.

What determines share price?

A stock’s price will be determined by supply and demand in the market. We work on a bid and ask system, and there is no assurance as to the development or liquidity of any trading market. News about Fantex, Inc., the athlete, as well as any number of external factors may have an effect on stock price. Ultimately it’s up to the market to decide what’s meaningful.

What is Fantex, Inc. platform common stock?

Platform common stock is intended to track and reflect the economic performance of all of our tracking series brands. 5% of acquired brand income received by Fantex, Inc. from each brand on the platform will be attributed to the platform common stock.


What if the brand stops generating income?

The tracking stock may be converted into Fantex, Inc. Platform common stock based on relative fair market value of the stock. If the tracking stock is converted, then you should not expect many shares of Platform common stock upon conversion. For a detailed description of how a brand is valued, see the prospectus.

How often would I get updates?

Fantex, Inc. will file annual, quarterly and periodic reports with the SEC, detailing financial results and providing other pertinent information about the company and its tracking stock.


What is the transaction fee to buy or sell?

Excluding IPO purchases, the standard transaction fee is 1% of the total amount of your trade. So, for example, if you invest $100 in a stock, you would pay a $1 transaction fee.

What about dividends?

The Fantex, Inc. board of directors is permitted, but not required, to declare and pay dividends on a Fantex tracking stock in accordance with Delaware General Corporate Law.

What is Fantex, Inc. tracking stock?

To finance the acquisition of the contracts, Fantex, Inc. will offer equity securities in Fantex, Inc. and establish a tracking stock linked to the separate economic performance and value of the brand associated with the tracking stock – which may include income earned from contracts, endorsements and appearance fees as determined by the brand contract.

Fantex, Inc. will typically attribute 95% of the acquired brand income under the brand contract to the tracking stock. In addition, Fantex, Inc. will attribute to the brand certain expenses of Fantex, Inc. including, in certain cases, specified expenses related to other tracking stocks that may be issued in the future. Holders of shares of a tracking stock will have no direct investment in the business or assets attributed to the brand contract, associated brand or athlete. Rather an investment in a tracking stock will represent an ownership interest in Fantex, Inc. as a whole.

Getting Started



It’s easy to get started and only takes about 5-8 minutes to open an account.



We offer 3 options to fund your account: through a bank transfer (the most common), a wire (the fastest) or mailing a check (if you like stamps).



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Questions? Call us at (855) 905-5050

You can also chat with support, view the knowledge base or email us with any questions